Leave the memories of a very precious moment.
About Capleville

Point1 Nice and old Japanise house in Yanesen

Capleville is situated in an old Japanese house built 70 years ago in the area, so called Yanesen.
The photo studio of Capleville is a place you feel at ease and where you can be honest with yourself.
Time goes nicely and slowly here. It is a cozy hideaway where you feel at home.

Studio Menu

Studio Menu

Point2 Photographer shooted many celebrities

Kazuko Wakayama, photographer of Capleville is very active in international scenes such as Cannes, Venezia and Berlin film festival as a portrait photographer for various magazines and newspapers.
She has experience living abroad in Boston and Paris and speaks French and English in addition to Japanese.
Nevertheless many shooting offers of Japanese stars as well as international celebrities like Joe Odagiri, Teruyuki Kagawa, Aoi Miyazaki, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sofia Coppola or Jude Law, she wishes to record very precious moment of children and opened Capleville.

Kazuko Wakayama Profile

Photographer Profile

Point3 Only one photobook in the

Capleville's photobooks are carefully edited one by one so that the photographer who took the picture tightly traps the atmosphere of the family and the atmosphere at the time of shooting.

We will create only one photo book in the world that makes you feel a little proud and warm.

Point4 1F Cafe / 2F PhotoStudio

There are many ways to enjoy and taste Capleville. Since Capleville consists of a cafe (1st floor) and a photo studio (2nd floor), we would like people who want to enjoy a hideaway space to come to the store.

Eating, taking pictures, reading books, and sometimes meeting lots of people at events. Please enjoy yourself slowly.



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